[penangpac] Judy’s Harmonica Ensemble Asian Tour Concert- The Map Painter 測繪者 :

[penangpac] Judy’s Harmonica Ensemble Asian Tour Concert- The Map Painter 測繪者 :

When: Jun 24, 2017

Event Type: Harmonica Concert
Where: Stage 1, Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)
Showtime: 24 June 2017 @ 7.30PM (Saturday)

Details of event


Judy's Harmonica Ensemble
~ The champion trio of World Harmonica Festival
~Triple-crown winner of Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival

“The best harmonica ensemble I've ever seen in my life!” —— Israeli harmonica player / International harmonica ensemble master Dror Adler Judy's Harmonica Ensemble was formed in the spring of 2002 with five members.

It was a triple-crown winner in the 2004 APHF (Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival) held in Hong Kong. It was also the champion in the APHF ensemble category for 3 consecutive festivals (2002-2006). In 2013, the ensemble even became the champion trio at the World Harmonica Festival held in Germany. It also won acclaim for its performance in 4-6 people ensemble. To date, it has staged over 300 performances. It had also been invited for road show performances covering various countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Malaysia. Judy's Harmonica Ensemble is one professional harmonica music group that promotes harmonica music uniquely through integration use of harmonica performance, education, research and development. Judy's Harmonica Ensemble plays a wide range of music genre, including classical, folk and jazz. Currently, it has released 4 albums: Romanian Rhapsody (2002), Harmonica Impression (2005), and the critically acclaimed “Judy's Baroque” and “Magnificent Race” (2010) have received acknowledgement. In 2014, Judy's made the first music video —“The Bird in The Dust”— repertoire of Trio World Champion. In 2015, Judy's operated Taiwan International Harmonica Festival & Competition, with the prize pool totaling 15,000USD, invited more than ten harmonica masters from around the world to give concerts, master classes and serve on the competition jury, and performed with The Adler Trio in one of the masters concerts. Judy's has held a concert in National Concert Hall for the first time and premiered “The Map Painter”, the original pieces for harmonica ensemble in August 2016. It was the first ever harmonica ensemble concert at National Concert Hall, and Judy's was the first harmonica ensemble to perform in the premier music destination in Taiwan. Judy's Harmonica Ensemble has revealed amazing skills and full of emotion for ten years. Judy's has created the unique exemplary of harmonica music in the world.

檳城⼜琴⾳樂會【測繪者】 來⾃臺灣的茱蒂⼜琴樂團,被以⾊列國際⼜琴重奏⼤師Dror Adler譽為「畢⽣所⾒過最好的⼜ 琴樂團!」 他們將要把原創⼜琴⾳樂《測繪者》組曲帶來檳城!五把⼩⼩的⼜琴卻有著交響樂團的氣勢,擅⾧以精湛的琴 技與豐沛的情感來詮釋各種曲⾵,有⾼超技巧的古典樂曲,也有扣⼈⼼弦的電影配樂,您絕對不可錯過!


樂團簡介: 世界⼜琴⼤賽冠軍 亞太⼜琴節三冠王 「畢⽣所⾒過最好的⼜琴樂團!」 —— 以⾊列演奏家/國際⼜琴重奏 權威⼤師Dror Adler 創團於2002年春天,為臺灣少數將⼜琴演奏、教學、研究與推廣⼯作結合發展的職業樂團。曾獲2004

年⾹港亞太⼜琴⼤賽三項重奏冠軍、與連續(2002-2006)亞太⼜琴⼤賽重奏項⽬冠軍,2013年更於德國世界⼜琴⼤賽中 榮獲三重奏冠軍、 4到6⼈合奏亞軍的榮耀。創團⾄今公開演出已逾四百多場,曾受邀⾄⽇本、⾹港、韓國、⾺來西亞、中 國等地巡迴演出。 演奏曲⾵廣泛,包含古典、民謠與爵⼠等,已出版四張專輯: 2002《羅⾺尼亞狂想曲》、2005《⼜琴 印象》、 2010《特調巴洛克》與《華麗的競速》兩張具挑戰性與主題性專輯、 2014年⾸度製作世界冠軍曲⽬《塵中之⿃ 》⾳樂DVD。2015年⾸度承辦「臺灣國際⼜琴藝術節暨菁英賽」,總獎⾦⾼達15,000美⾦,特邀⼗多位當代⼜琴界國際 ⼤師訪臺舉辦⼀系列⼤師⾳樂會、⼤師班、以及擔任賽事評審,並與當代國際公認之⼜琴三重奏權威The Adler Trio壓軸同 台演出。 2016年8⽉樂團⾸度於國家⾳樂廳舉辦年度⾳樂會,並發表同名原創⼜琴重奏組曲《測繪者》,會後佳評如潮,

不僅是兩廳院成⽴以來史上第⼀場⼜琴重奏⾳樂會,茱蒂⼜琴樂團亦為全國⾸⽀登上臺灣⾳樂最⾼殿堂的⼜琴樂團。 2017 年受邀重返⼜琴之都德國特羅⾟根,將任本屆世界⼜琴節系列⾳樂會演出嘉賓與⼤賽評審。 多年來,茱蒂⼜琴樂團以精湛 琴技與豐沛情感詮釋樂曲,近年更嘗試為⼜琴重奏打造專屬的原創樂曲,開創獨樹 幟的世界級⼜琴重奏⾳樂,將⼜琴重 奏⾳樂推向前所未有的⾼峰。

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