Frances Yip Screen Gems Concert 2011

Frances Yip Screen Gems Concert 2011

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This Mother’s Day, Frances Yip is back with a brand new scintillating show that will keep audiences spellbound!

Public sale of the tickets to the one night only “Screen Gems Frances Yip Concert 2011”, priced at RM328*, RM268*, RM208*, RM148* & RM98* (*exclusive of RM3 processing fee) will be available via all TicketPro and Genting ticketing outlets from 17th March 2011 onwards. To book, call TicketPro ticketing hotline at 03 7880 7999 or log onto; Genting ticketing hotline at 03 2718 1118 or log onto

Genting WorldCard members will get to enjoy the priority booking from 7th to 16th March 2011 and a 10% discount for the purchase of tickets (limited to first 1,000 tickets).

Having performed on television, in films, concerts and cabarets in over 30 countries across five continents, Frances Yip, is without a doubt, one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan star. She is equally at ease singing Chinese opera at a nightclub in Singapore, or a popular English ballad at London’s prestigious Savoy Hotel. The critics were unanimous in their praise for Frances Yip: “Vibrant and exciting, “Sheer professionalism”, “Indeed – simply the best” and “A majestic voice talent”.  In a recording career spanning close to four-decades, Frances Yip has released more than 80 albums, mainly of songs in English, Indonesian, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin and even Mexican, Spanish, Japanese and Tagalog.

Drawing on her love for movie and television theme songs, the legendary songbird, Frances Yip and renowned Hong Kong music director, Anthony Lun, has put together a concert that pays tribute to the stars and music from the big and small screen.

Best known for performing many of the theme songs for television series produced by the Hong Kong TVB station in the 1980s and early 1990s, the all time favourite diva will perform her much loved hits such as “Shang Hai Tan” (上海滩) from the drama, Shanghai Beach, “Hong Yan” (红颜), “Nu Hei Xia Mu Lan Hua” (女黑侠木兰花), “Zuo Ye Meng Hun Zhong” (昨夜梦魂中) and many more.

A fan of the acclaimed actress, Grace Chang (葛蘭), Frances Yip will be paying a special musical tribute to her favourite screen idol. She will also sing a selection of the very popular and familiar theme songs from the English blockbusters such as Titanic and the James Bond series, the Mandarin classics from the Shaw Brothers movie studio, as well as the Cantonese hits from the Hui Brothers’ movies.

Another highlight of the concert would be the “Cha Cha” dance performance by Frances Yip, who has not flaunted her dancing skills on stage for the past 20 years.

A visual feast of flamboyant outfits, a wonderful band led by Anthony Lun and excellent showmanship from Frances Yip, this concert that features the screen gems, which have lighted our lives in the past 30 years, is a show not to be missed!

“Screen Gems Frances Yip Concert 2011” is proudly brought to you by UnUsUaL Productions and venue sponsored by Resorts World Genting.

耳熟能详的电视剧主题曲 牵动人心的中英电影经典名曲

『叶丽仪今夜星光灿烂 2011 云顶演唱会』



由UnUsUaL Productions 荣誉呈献,云顶世界为场地赞助,


               将于3月17日公开发售;门票分为RM328*, RM268*, RM208*, RM148* & RM98*                 (*未包括RM3行政费用)。


云顶环通卡会员可以从 3月7日至 16日享有优先购票优惠和10% 票价回扣(优待只限首1,000 张门票)。


叶丽仪自幼爱唱歌,语言才华超卓,歌唱技巧别殊一格。在过去几十年的演艺生涯中,她灌录超过 80张个人专辑唱片(粤语、国语和英语),当中不乏脍炙人口的好歌,如《巾帼英雄》和《笑傲江湖》等。由她主唱的80年代电视剧《上海滩》主题曲更是家喻户晓,令她红透半边天。 叶丽仪与罗文、甄妮、汪明荃、关正杰、叶振棠等都是香港第一代唱粤语流行歌的前辈,初期凭演唱电视连续剧主题曲在香港大红大紫。



届时除了耳熟能详的香港电视剧和电影主题曲,叶丽仪还会演绎其它歌手在大银幕上的成名曲如《不了情》、《浪子心声》、《家变》、《狂潮》等。她也将献上自己最欣赏的电影明星葛蘭的多首代表作, 以及《铁达尼号》(Titanic)、《詹姆士・邦德》(James Bond) 主题曲等英语佳作。

声言 20年没在舞台上跳舞的叶丽仪,这次也会再次大展舞姿,以查查舞曲迷倒大马观众。



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