[klpac] 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival

[klpac] 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival

When: Jan 13, 2017 - Jan 15, 2017

Event Type: Jazz Music Festival
Where: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Showtimes: #Show1: 13th January 2017 (Friday) @ 8.30PM
#Show2: 14th January 2017 (Saturday) @ 8.30PM
#Show3:15th Jan 2017 (Sunday) @ 8.30PM

Details of event


4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival

From its inception in 2014, Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival has grown to become one of the most important music festivals in Malaysia in terms of its impact on young musicians, primarily those who are still music students looking towards having a career in music.  With a strong emphasis on imparting professional know-how to younger musicians, the clinics and performances have been inspirational not only to the younger set but also to the seasoned professionals themselves as they come together to learn from each other in what has become a strong and thriving sense community.

The 4th instalment will see the incorporating of new ideas and improvements that have come from criticisms and feedback.  The highlights will be:-

1)       Introduction of 4 new clinics namely:
•         “Fundamentals of Harmony” - Chord Construction, Diatonic Harmonies, Tensions and more, by Toro Cheng
•         “Fusion Jazz Improvisation” - by Edvard Lee
•         “Forum – Optimising Practice to Achieve Musical Freedom” - moderated by Tay Cher Siang
•         “How to make your home recordings sound great” - by John Oommen

2)      “Tomorrow, Here Today” on 13th January featuring tomorrow’s Star Jazz Pianists
3)      “Ensembles” on 15th January featuring ensembles comprising the who’s who in Malaysian Jazz
4)      “3rd Malaysian Jazz Piano Competition” on 14th January @ 4pm with an improved format

We will also be having our very popular “Twos and Threes” piano concert on 14th January and also the clinics by Ch’ng Wee Lern – “Improvisation for Beginners” and Justin Lim – “Advanced Jazz Voicings”.

The 4th Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival will also see the inclusion of leading musicians, Julian Chan (Saxophones) and Az Samad (Guitar) as we try to reach more than just piano students.  In this way, we hope to become more inclusive and to build a larger community of musicians both young and old.

Michael Veerapen, John Dip Silas, Cheah Wei Li, Az Samad, Hor Chee Seng, Patrick Terbrack, Grace Leong, Tay Cher Siang, David Gomes, Toro Cheng, Julian Chan, Daniel Foong, Steve Nanda, Alton Wong, Edvard Lee, Ch’ng Wee Lern, Lim Lee Peng, Melvin Goh, Tengku Indra, KJ, Tong Sin Ee, Justin Lim, Hin Ee Jeng, AJ, Samantha Lim, Razlan Saharudin and many more

Show details:
13th Jan 2017 @ 8.30pm - “Tomorrow, Here Today”
- featuring tomorrow’s Star Jazz Pianists

14th Jan 2017 @ 4pm – “3rd Malaysian Jazz Piano Competition”
- free admission

14th Jan 2017 @ 8.30pm – “Twos and Threes”
- featuring our all-time favourite piano duets and trios

15th Jan 2017 @ 8.30pm – “Ensembles”
- featuring ensembles comprising the who’s who in Malaysian Jazz


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 Latecomers: Latecomers will be admitted at a suitable break during the performance.

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