[penangpac] Shakti Returns

[penangpac] Shakti Returns

When: Feb 14, 2015 - Feb 15, 2015

Stage 1, Performing Arts Centre of Penang

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The feminine energy is seen as outcast, sex symbol and the weak embodiment ...but she is not someone that anyone to mess with...A woman is full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, transform and destroy. This is a story of 10 women ..... A single mother, a courageous lady, a teacher, an artist, a savior, the dutiful one, a rape victim, an entrepreneur, the street dweller and a lawyer...There is Shakti in each woman. Do you see it in your mortal eyes? She is the every women that we pass by daily...

A production that revolves around 10 women and their life. It is in fact, the facets of Shakti manifested in women herself...Vidhyas or wisdoms are symbolically shows the inner qualities of women Shakti... Born and raised. Amidst the over possessive patriarchal society which demonizes single mother , out of twist a courageous lady stands against the odd and change the faith of her, then a teacher blesses her with education n wisdom, it is the career world in broadcasting that she meets an artist , outer world full of glamour n fame, but crying souls inside her. Shakti learns the truth...it is the friend who saves her from falling into trap of lust of unscrupulous men, before the tragedy struck a policewoman does her duty to nab the culprit , so she would not be another victim that was paralyzed n taken advantage of cunning men, Shakti realized the victim need to be saved...Shakti brings her to a wealthy philanthropist , a charitable act to save young women from the evil world , but the vengeance and revenge of bad omen hunts Shakti down , to kill her off but saved a street dweller living in darkness ...killing all the nemesis ..a woman saves another women .., the judgment day, the lawyer defends for the accused .,, for justice. For self-dignity , to teach a lesson to others to venerate the female form ... Shakti is the eye of all journey .. The women in her life ....10 Vidyas...

She is Kali
She is Thirupusasundari
She is Tara
She is Bhuvaneshwari
She is Bhairavi
She is Chinnamasta
She is Dhumavati
She is Bagalamukhi
She is Matangi
She is Kamala

An artistic direction of Ray Mooventhiran
Featuring, Reeneetha Veriah, Revathy Bawadass Kumar, Shamini Ramasamy, Kristina Vinokree, Swashna Moksha , Nitia Sree Vairamuthu, Madam Suriya Ramiah , Nazira Ibrahim, Rathika Thevi Muniandy , Shakti Maya , Suvathi Jaishree, Indrani Elil ( Shakti) , Aahmu Thirunayanam ( Bhuvaneswari), Ashiwini Jayabalan ( Bhairavi), Jamuna Rani Mogan( Matangi), Delani Tharmarajan (Tripurasundari) , Paviteran Raj ( Chinnamasta), Divwya Nair ( Bagalamukhi ), Sugitha Nadarajah ( Dhumavathi), Vickneswary Gunasegaran ( Kamala) Kannan Rajamanickam( Kali) and Thinesh Rajaindren ( Tara) and Mohana Raj

Ravi Shanker Rama Murthy, Guruvayur Usha Ramachandran, Rithaudeen Abdul Kadir, , Lex Lakshman, Ravi Shanker, Rey Mooventhiran, Paviteranraj, Shirley Leong, Nanthakumar Maran ,Annamalai Chandrasegaran

Dancers :
Nantha Kumar Maran , Putra Abdul Rahman, Saran Kumar, Saranyan Selvaraj, Mohd. Azmi Sabaruddin, Elango, Mohanesh
Kumar, Narendran, Inthiran Manikam, Sivaneshar Selvaveloo, Vedhasham ,Selvanathan Ayerdurai, Shankar Seran,
Janarthan and Esva Kanna.

Finale Dasamahavidya theme song written by Dr. Burn and voice by ever powerful and enigmatic Gayathri Vadivel

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