[klpac] 劍魚◉妾| The Swordfish, Then The Concubine

[klpac] 劍魚◉妾| The Swordfish, Then The Concubine

When: Dec 15, 2016 - Dec 18, 2016

Event Type: Theatre Play
Where: Pentas 2, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre [klpac]
Showtimes:Show #1 – 15th Dec 2016 Thursday @ 8:30pm
Show #2 – 16th Dec 2016 Friday @ 8:30pm
Show #3 – 17th Dec 2016 Saturday @ 3:00pm
Show #4
– 17th Dec 2016 Saturday @ 8:30pm
Show #5 – 18th Dec 2016 Sunday @ 3.00pm
Show #6
– 18th Dec 2016 Sunday @ 8:30pm

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Pentas Project Theatre Production presents

 劍魚◉妾 | The Swordfish, Then The Concubine

by Kee Thuan Chye 紀傳財
In Mandarin translation with English surtitles
Directed by Loh Kok Man


從《馬來紀年》截取的吉光片羽, 藉由傳奇寓言辯證人性與文 . 明 . 遷 . 滅。
On no account must a ruler shame any of the subjects in his Kingdom


紀傳財  X  羅國文二度合作 → 聯手新編·新譯
藉由史詩改寫挑動歷史的神經,以傳奇寓言辯證人性與文 . 明 . 遷 . 滅。


Singapura is attacked by swordfish! The Sultan asks his warriors to form a line to keep out the threat, but they end up being massacred. Then a boy comes up with a simple idea to defeat the swordfish. It works! What is the boy’s reward for saving Singapura?

When the Sultan dies, his son inherits the kingdom. But the new ruler turns out to be self-obsessed and neurotic. After his favourite concubine has been found guilty of committing unnatural sex, he does something that could result in the destruction of Singapura.

Culled from Sejarah Melayu, these remarkable myths find new life in The Swordfish, Then the Concubine by Kee Thuan Chye.

It is an epic play written to conjure the magic of theatre. It takes ancient myth and transforms it to address present-day concerns like human rights, gender bias, curbs on freedom and the abuse of power. It is full of spectacle, humour and heart. It is really a play about Malaysia today.

This Mandarin translation of the play, directed by Loh Kok Man, marks the first time the play is being staged in Malaysia. Be among the first to catch it and experience what theatre should be – thought-provoking, real and yet magical, basic and yet larger-than-life.


Lyle Chua
蔡德耀、Thian Siew Kim 鄧繡金、Niko Hugh 邱蕴能、
Valerie Chian
詹莉寧、Goo Zhuan Xuan 吳專選、Boyz Chew Soon Heng 周順興 、 
Zyee Leow Sze Yee
廖世儀 、Leow Hui Min 廖慧鳴
Hoe Hui Ting 何慧婷 

Date & Time:
15th December 2016 (Thursday) @ 8:30pm
16th December 2016 (Friday) @ 8:30pm
17th December 2016 (Saturday) @ 3:00pm
17th December 2016 (Saturday)
@ 8:30pm
18th December 2016 (Sunday) @ 3:00pm
18th December 2016 (Sunday)
@ 8:30pm

 Venue: Pentas 2, KLPAC

 Ticket: RM 65 (Adult), RM 45 (Student, senior citizen and disable)

 Early bird ticket (before 12th November 2016): RM 55 (Adult), RM 35 (Student, senior citizen and disable)

 For group purchase of 4 tickets RM 240

 Inquiries: 011-5113 0436

 Box Office: (klpac) 03-4047 9000

 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pentasproject

Website: pentasproject.org, www.klpac.org


Language: Mandarin (with English subtitle)

Age Limit: 6 years old and above.

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  • 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing seats.
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