[klpac] Ocean Celebration 海洋慶典

[klpac] Ocean Celebration 海洋慶典

When: Sep 1, 2017 - Sep 3, 2017

Event Type: Theatre
Where: Pentas 1, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac)
Showtimes: #Show1, 1st Sep 2017 @ 8.00PM (Friday)
#Show2, 2nd Sep 2017 @ 3.00PM (Saturday)
#Show3, 2nd Sep 2017 @ 8.00PM (Saturday)
#Show4, 3rd Sep 2017 @ 3.00PM (Sunday)
#Show5, 3rd Sep 2017 @ 8.00PM (Sunday)

Details of event


Seating Plan:

When the first ray of dawn appears, the singing from the goddess of ocean crosses the dawn.

Mermaids dance upon the golden sea, and the pair of lovely clownfish shuttle between the stage and the audience, leading whom find the happiness from the heart.

 “Ocean Heart” is a performance beyond languages and cultures. We invite people around the world to perceive the beauty of ocean, and the strength of Taiwan.


Scene 1 - The First Ray of Dawn        

Scene 2 - The Mermaids

Scene 3 - Clownfish                    

Scene 4 - Cloud and Wind

Scene 5 - Melody Under the Sea             

Scene 6 - Elves in the Dark

Scene 7 - The Duet                                 

Scene 8 - Chasing Game

Scene 9 - Perceive                                  

Scene 10 - Ocean Heart





第一幕 第一道曙光     
第二幕 人魚之舞
第三幕 小丑魚        
第四幕 風雲
第五幕 海洋之歌      
第六幕 黑洞精靈
第七幕 雙魚          
第八幕 追逐遊戲
第九幕 看見          
第十幕 海洋之心

Price Details:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diabolodancetheatremalaysia/

Age Limit: N/A

Language: N/A

Latecomers: Latecomers will be admitted at a suitable break in the performance.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Ticket prices shown are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and All inclusive of RM3 ticketing fee and 6% GST.
  • 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing seats.
  • Once tickets are sold, no exchanges or cancellations will be entertained.
  • Strictly NO photography, video and audio recording is allowed.
  • Ticketing terms and conditions as stipulated on the ticketing website and on the rear side of printed tickets shall apply at all times. Please read and understand the Conditions of Sale before purchasing ticket.