[penangpac] Syiok Sendiri 7: Halloween Spooktacular

[penangpac] Syiok Sendiri 7: Halloween Spooktacular

When: Oct 13, 2017 - Oct 15, 2017

Event Type: Comedy Variety
Where: Stage 2, Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)
Showtimes: #Show1: 13 October 2017 @ 8.30PM (Friday)        
#Show2:14 October 2017 @ 8.30PM (Saturday)
#Show3:15 October 2017 @ 8.30PM (Sunday)

Details of event


Ghosts, spirits, demons. We fear them, write stories about them, and make films about them. They are an object of our fantasies. But which should we fear more? The toyol that’s crouching next to you as you read this? Or the politicians, mother-in-laws, hipsters, and rude supermarket salesgirls we face in reality? Syiok Sendiri returns with the seventh instalment of its comedy-variety show! This time, brace yourselves for a show so terrifying it would make every general election in recent history look like a circus. The Syiok Sendiri people are so immensely cocky that they’re defying the most basic of superstitions by raising the curtain on Friday the 13th! Perhaps the many sold out shows have gotten to their heads.

Arrogant pricks! Did you know – one time – they were so insensitive to a bunch of very conservative people? All those nice people wanted was for the offensive Syiok Sendiri publicity materials to be taken down. Did Syiok Sendiri play ball? Of course not! What more can you expect from a gang of obnoxious and untalented performers. But, if you’re going to get suckered into paying for a ticket, by all means please go ahead, you poor pitiful peasants.

Price Details:

Age Limit:  For Mature Audiences Only

Language: English with some local languages and dialects

Latecomers: To be admitted at designated times only.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Ticket prices shown are in MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) and All inclusive of RM3 ticketing fee and 6% GST.
  • 1 ticket admits 1 person ONLY, no sharing seats.
  • Once tickets are sold, no exchanges or cancellations will be entertained.
  • Strictly NO photography, video and audio recording is allowed.
  • Ticketing terms and conditions as stipulated on the ticketing website and on the rear side of printed tickets shall apply at all times. Please read and understand the Conditions of Sale before purchasing ticket.