Fun with Three Gods Live in Malaysia 2011

Fun with Three Gods Live in Malaysia 2011

Details of event

    《福禄寿宇宙最长大马演唱会2011 》,将在2011年7月30日假云顶云星剧场搞笑登场!这次将会是全港热爆的「福禄寿」首次于马来西亚舞台演出。Hungry、Handelababy及大Ex将会 扮鬼扮马, 施展浑身解数为你提供一晚极富娱乐的超级欢乐晚上。

  「福禄寿」的诞生是由最初的「扮嘢三宝」到「扮嘢至尊福禄寿」到后期「荃加福禄寿」演变而成, 他们三位擅长运用良好的声音技巧, 加上极其相似的造型打扮, 神态动作, 模彷每一位都维妙维肖;「福禄寿」顿时成为各大小节目的镇台之宝。因为「福禄寿」的成功, 他们在去年香港会展演出,场场爆满! 然后又会搬上舞台剧, 及伸展至电影银幕与影帝合作拍电影。当然不少得来到大马的舞台上为大家搞笑一番。

  他们的演唱会中将有超过20位艺人及天王天后「同台」演出。整晚将会以歌舞为主, 例如三重唱的方式演绎一代歌王歌后如梅姐、罗记、哥哥张国荣的经典金曲。整古做怪不在话下, 他们更会改动歌词, 影射娱乐圈的种种现象。

「福」是阮兆祥, 「禄」是王祖蓝, 「寿」是李思捷。三人虽然不是现金流行曲歌手, 但三位绝对是名副其实的唱家班。阮兆祥是凭歌唱比赛入行, 王祖蓝最爱唱歌及京剧, 而李思捷更加是于「喜剧之王训练班」最后五强以扮声唱歌而获得赏识, 技惊四座。为了筹备演唱会, 他们更邀请杜丽莎请教唱歌技巧。他们的歌声及扮嘢技巧无容置疑, 演出唯一目的就是希望观众看得开心, 有更多正面的能量。


In March 2010, Television Broadcast Limited (TVB) broadcasted a newly produced variety show called “Fun with Liza and Gods”, which is known as Fuk Luk Sau amongst the Chinese. Fuk Luk Sau, literally means Gods of Blessings, Prosperity and Longetivity. Fun with Liza and Gods is a comedy program which incorporates parody and impersonation which leads to their increased popularity. Together with Liza Wang, The Three Gods (Wong Cho Lam, Johnson Lee, Louis Yuen) hosted the show which was broadcasted weekly in Hong Kong.

Many audiences felt that the variety show did bring them joy, humour, and was definitely a great source of entertainment to family with members of all ages. Imitating other artistes and sharing “gags” are the main hits of The Three Gods. Lady Gaga (by Wong Cho Lam), Jackie Chan, Leon Lai, Andy Lau (by Johnson Lee), Anita Mui and Korean artist Lee Young Ae (by Louis Yuen) are some of the imitations that have left remarkable impressions to audiences.

Apart from these, The Three Gods also take turns to share “gags” during the program and they are now also known as “Gag Father” in the midst of audiences. As a result of the positive responses from audiences, The Three Gods together with Liza Wang has held their very first concert in Hong Kong in December 2010. Similar to the program, the concert will bring more impersonation of renown artistes, more songs with altered lyrics, more gags and strong visuals which will keep you through out the night. Their true talents have brought great success to the concert and will continue to hold their concert tour in Canada, U.S, Guangzhou, Macau and Malaysia. The up and coming Kings of Gags are ready to make their audiences laugh throughout the night at Arena of Stars, Genting Highlands this coming July. These Hong Kong comedians will rock the stage and together we anticipate their first live performance in Malaysia.



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